Category: Rides in New Places

Sometimes I like to head off somewhere completely new with my bike and see what the riding is like there. I’ve been cycling in France in each of the previous two years but closer to home there are places like North Wales, Lancashire and Yorkshire where I’d previously never been. We all get bored riding in the same place so it’s good to broaden the horizons every now and again!

Think of the posts below as a sort of cycling tourism and ideas for your next trip somewhere new!

Malta Gozo Climbing Cliff Edge

Mountain Biking in Gozo (Malta)

I’ve spent the last week having fun in Malta with Hannah, avoiding the winter snow back in the UK. We decided that a bike tour of Gozo, Malta’s second biggest island, was the best...

The Great Orme Llandudno North Wales

Climbing Around The Great Orme

I’ve always enjoyed riding in North Wales, places like Stwlan Dam and most of Snowdonia. Unfortunately this weekend I didn’t get to cover many miles but did get to have a solid go at...