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Like most road cyclists thesedays, I’ve ridden a few sportive events. I have mixed feelings about these but still regularly support my local ones and a number further afield for different reasons such as the Norwich 100. New sportive riders can learn from my experiences and can see if they can beat my times!

Each sportive I’ve ridden since the beginning of 2013 is written about in the posts below.

Tour of Flanders 2018 Podium

Tour of Flanders Sportive 2018 Review

During the week we’d had two days of full on rain. Not good when cobbles are involved. We also went out for a ride with the intention of my doing some Paris Roubaix recon,...

Looking to the summit of the Kemmelberg from the Ossuary

Gent Wevelgem Sportive 2018 Review

Hannah and I decided to head to Belgium this Spring to catch as many of the pro races that we could. It also gave us the chance to ride some of the same roads...

Midlands Reliability Rides 2018

I’ve compiled a list of local club’s 2018 reliability rides for the Midlands area. This includes the West Midlands and the East Midlands. Dates and routes are to the best of my knowledge and...