Rapha Festive 500 2016 Roundel Opening

Mathew Mitchell

My name is Mathew Mitchell, 30 from Staffordshire, UK. Over the last few years I've got more and more into cycling, from the first innocent Sportive events to Audaxes, Go-Races, British Cycling racing and now Time Trials.

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3 Responses

  1. Congrats again. I liked reading all those stats on the little card. I still have mine and the cloth badge from a few years back. One day I’ll decide what I want to sew it onto! I saw a Festive 500 cycling cap in the Rapha store earlier this year and was quite tempted by that. Pretty stylish piece of kit and not too badly priced.

    • Mmitchell says:

      Thanks! Me too, got to see the huge amounts of Australian cyclists that did it in the sun and warmth compared to us struggling in the cold in the UK. I’m in a similar boat, never quite worked out what to sew them to. Most cycling gear doesn’t take too kindly to being sewn unfortunately.