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Mad March Hare Sportive Logo 2016

Mad March Hare Sportive 2017 Review

The Mad March Hare, My first proper sportive of 2017 and it was an awful, flooded, soggy day weather-wise. Once I’d accepted that I was to get wet, dealt with the wind and finally...

Saintbury Hill – Cotswold Climbs 2

Saintbury Hill – Cotswold Climbs 2

Saintbury Hill is as well revered as Dover’s Hill and it’s a near cert that any local Warwickshire Sportive will go up at least one of them. The climb is about a mile long...

Dover's Hill

Dover’s Hill – Cotswold Climbs 1

As hills go, Dover’s Hill is very well-known. It’s the site of the famous ‘Cotswold Olympicks’ or Dover’s Games held every year on hill followed by a torchlight procession down in Chipping Campden and...