French Words in Cycling: A List

We hear a lot of the French words in cycling. Traditionally, it was the language of the peloton although English has started to win over in recent years. It hasn't taken long to use the first French loan word either - peloton! Often its misspelling is a sign of who follows professional cycling year-round and who might only tune into ITV4 over the summer to watch Le Tour. [...]

How Much do Pro Cyclists Earn?

The world of cycling sees a wide gulf between how much pro cyclists earn and the many many cyclists scraping by at the bottom of the Continental level. Compared to other sports though - like football - cyclists actually still earn relatively 'normal' incomes through their sport. In this article, I'm going to attempt to show some of the known figures for riders across different levels of men's cycling and the difference in money between men's and women's cycling. [...]