The Top 5 Cyclists of All-Time (according to me…) Part 3 – David Millar

Mathew Mitchell

My name is Mathew Mitchell, 30-something from Staffordshire, UK. Over the last few years I've got more and more into cycling, from the first innocent Sportive events to Audaxes, Go-Races, British Cycling racing and now Time Trials.

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3 Responses

  1. Millar deserves great respect for continually putting his head above the parapet and discussing doping…he doesn’t have to do that, he chooses to. He’s also a classy and stylish rider and great to watch.

    For me, Millar’s doomed attack in Paris was one of the moments of last years Tour de France – fantastic stuff!

    Look out for Millar the movie:

    • It’s why he was a conundrum for the ‘no former dopers can be British Olympians’ rule. Some people were set on wanting it to be just for the clean atheletes regardless of anything else (one strike and you’re out) whereas Millar obviously doped but has done so much since in the anti-doping fight that it comes close to cancelling it out. I choose to focus on the good.

      I’ll always be a fan of the punchy Millar breakaway and every now and again it does come good!