Leamington Spa Victoria Park Criteriums #1 – 29th March 2014

Mathew Mitchell

My name is Mathew Mitchell, 30-something from Staffordshire, UK. Over the last few years I've got more and more into cycling, from the first innocent Sportive events to Audaxes, Go-Races, British Cycling racing and now Time Trials.

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3 Responses

  1. Mark says:

    Have you got a link for the pics taken on the day?

    • I haven’t unfortunately, there seems to be far more about for previous years rather than this year. I was hoping Kenilworth Wheelers would put something up as it was their race but it doesn’t look like it.
      See you did well in the first race, did you take part in the second one too?

      • Mark says:

        Hi, no after all the excitement of the 1st race and just avoiding the crash by taking to the grass on the inside I called it a day. If you get a link to any pics drop me an email mate