North Wales Cycling – 3 Rides in Easter Week

Mathew Mitchell

My name is Mathew Mitchell, 30-something from Staffordshire, UK. Over the last few years I've got more and more into cycling, from the first innocent Sportive events to Audaxes, Go-Races, British Cycling racing and now Time Trials.

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6 Responses

  1. ian says:

    I am doing the Etape Eryri so interesting to read your rides. I am still worried by climbing despite my plans so when you say put into a decent gear, what do you mean ? I always go tot he lowest on my compact.

    • Mmitchell says:

      That climb from Beddgelert to Snowdon is definitely a long one that’ll wear you out very quickly with the wrong approach. Think ‘decent gear’ for me on it was about three gears up from the lowest at the back and on the inner ring in the front – in advice terms, it’s probably better to think in terms of cadence where it’s about the rhythm you can steadily maintain whilst being just slightly out of breath.

      • ian says:

        I am just getting close to all the big rides in June and panicking a bit !!

        For example on Sunday I tried Caerphilly hill the steep way and at 20% for a way had to stop and that was lowest gear and nothing left … However rest of it was OK … I may be going too fast at times though …

        • Mmitchell says:

          If it’s 20% I think most people will be struggling so that’s nothing to worry about 🙂 The trick I do sometimes when it gets really steep is to start zig zagging as much as the road will allow because this lowers the gradient a bit…it’s a nice get out of jail technique!

          • ian says:

            I tried that which is when I stalled !!

            What was funny was an older women overtook me on her bike and it is like grrrrr but she was prob 5 stone lighter !