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What is FTP?

FTP is the acronym for Functional Threshold Power. In theory this is the max power that you can sustain for an hour’s riding. Once you know this number, it’s then used to set your training zones and help you gauge your riding efforts.

FTP can only be measured using a power meter (or a turbo trainer that reports power), it’s not something that you can use a heart rate monitor for. Because it comes from a power meter reading, the FTP is measured in watts.

There’s a few different ways to calculate your FTP. The classic one involves riding for 20 minutes and multiplying the average power by 0.95. This saves riders having to devote an hour’s time to the test and gives accurate numbers.

More recently the Ramp Test has found favour. With this test, the wattage to sustain gets harder and harder across a set of intervals. Once you can’t sustain the required wattage, you’ve maxed out and it’s time to do some maths. Luckily there are calculators out there to do it for you.

For pros, knowing this number helps them to work out what effort they can sustain on long climbs. The running joke of Team Sky/Ineos looking at their power numbers all the time during the Tour de France comes from knowing their FTP number. It’s also great for time trials where an individual effort needs to be sustained over a set distance.

How am I compared to pro cyclists?

Thanks to the tiered power chart provided by Andrew Coggan, we can see the sorts of numbers required to be at certain levels.

Coggan Power Chart

This chart requires riders to have completed efforts at the listed interval times. The average watts of those efforts are then divided by the rider’s weight to give a w/kg figure.

So for instance, my FTP at the moment is 326 and I weighed 83kg when I set it. My figure for the FT column is therefore 3.92. This puts me in the middle-upper range of the Good tier. As you can see, I’m a long way off being able to turn pro!

For British riders looking at this chart, Cat 5 is an American introductory racing category and can be interpreted as an extension of Cat 4.

This is only one way of reading this chart and whilst people obsess about where their FTP fits on it actually we should look across the board.

Where a rider’s w/kg sits for each interval helps to create a rider power profile. It’s possible for a strong sprinter to have reached Cat 1 without a FTP Cat 1 FTP value on this chart because their 5 second interval value is so high. The same applies to puncheurs who might have a high 1 minute or 5 minutes values but a lower FTP.

My own values on this chart are low 5s, middling 1m, high 5m and a middling-high FTP. This puts me somewhere between the pursuiter and time-triallist rider profiles.

The original post on power profiling on TrainingPeaks can be found here.

What FTPs do pro cyclists have?

I’m going to add a caveat here. Some of these figures have been ‘reverse engineered’ from other data, some come directly from actual data and some count slightly as hearsay.

A lot come directly from what riders have entered into their own Strava accounts. This applies to the weight figure too in most cases. What I can’t guarantee is when the FTP figure was updated or when the weight figure was updated. I can’t even be sure if they were updated at the same time. What I can guarantee is that someone with access to the rider’s Strava account has entered the figures.

I thought about listing the tables by w/kg but decided to list them by outright FTP numbers instead. It’s time to give the rouleurs with high power some credit!

FTPs are often closely guarded secrets for top riders. So just like the salaries listed here, take the numbers with a pinch of salt but this is a decent guide nonetheless.

Mathieu van der Poel

Men’s pro peloton

RiderFTP (w)Weight (kg)W/KGYear
Ben Wolfe490865.702018
Magnus Backstedt486955.122012
Mathieu van der Poel485756.462020
Will Clarke471815.812014
Connor Dunne470885.342017
Tobias Ludvigsson445755.932020
Daniel Oss445785.712019
Bradley Wiggins440835.302015
Tom Dumoulin431696.252015
Ben Swift430706.142020
Tejay van Garderen425725.902018
Michal Kwiatkowski420686.182020
Gabriel Cullaigh420795.312020
Ryan Mullen420825.122020
Dimitri Claeys417775.422020
Matteo Dal-Cin412775.352020
Jens Voigt412785.282014
Robert Gesink410705.862015
Bruno Armirail407705.812020
Lukasz Wisniowski406785.212020
Mikael Cherel400656.152020
Oliver Naesen400735.482020
Connor Swift400775.192020
Tim Declercq400785.132020
Stijn Steels400785.132020
Alex Dowsett400795.062020
Alessandro De Marchi399666.052020
Ben King396695.742020
Dorian Godon396735.422020
Reinardt Janse van Rensburg396775.142020
Dylan Sunderland395656.082020
Ben O’Connor395665.982020
Damien Touze395685.812020
Heinrich Haussler391725.432020
Lennard Hofstede390705.572020
Scott Thwaites390705.572020
Adam de Vos390705.572020
Michael Valgren390725.422020
Nils Politt390804.882020
Angel Madrazo389616.382020
Nicholas Roche389715.482020
Frederik Backaert389775.052020
Guillaume Boivin388804.852020
Mark Donovan385665.832020
Egan Bernal383596.502020
Jasha Sutterlin382794.842020
Sacha Modolo380675.672020
Grega Bole380685.592020
Travis McCabe380705.432020
Willie Smit379725.262020
Sebastan Reichenbach378645.912020
Lluis Mas376715.302020
Chris Hamilton375645.862020
Mike Teunissen375725.212020
Dion Smith372675.552020
Tom van Asbroeck371725.152020
Nils Eekhof370725.142020
Jacob Tipper365784.682020
Timothy Dupont363715.112020
Tosh van der Sande361645.642020
Simon Geschke360635.712020
Juan Antonio Flecha360725.002013
Geoffrey Soupe360725.002020
Lucas Eriksson359645.612020
Sam Welsford357804.462020
Mads Wurtz Schmidt352695.102020
George Bennett350586.032020
Boris Vallee349804.362020
Kevin Deltombe346675.162020
Emils Liepins345685.072020
Koen de Kort337714.752020
Logan Owen336675.022020
Romain Hardy332625.362020
Mathieu Burgaudeau330615.412020
Lachlan Morton330635.242020
Jetse Bol320704.572020
Kenny De Ketele318714.482020
Clement Venturini302605.032020
Neilson Powless295664.472020

Elizabeth Banks

Women’s pro peloton

RiderFTP (w)Weight (kg)W/KGYear
Evelyn Stevens305555.552016
Lizzy Banks291624.692019
Ella Harris290575.092019
Leah Dixon283674.222020
Liane Lippert278564.962019
Lucinda Brand276584.762019
Megan Chard276684.062020
Peta Mullens270584.662020
Lisa Norden270614.432019
Sheyla Gutierrez270624.362019
Lindsay Goldman270644.222019
Elise Chabbey268525.152019
Emilia Fahlin260634.132020
Juliette Labous260544.822019
Chloe Dygert-Owen260663.942019
Belen Lopez242544.482020
Heidi Franz240524.622020
Emma Chilton240544.442020
Bryony van Velzen240574.212020
Pia Smith237603.952020
Puck Moonen229564.092020
Sara Penton224554.072019
Anna Henderson223583.852019
Marie-Soleil Blais220534.152019
Adrienn Szabo208504.162020
Mieke Docx206494.202020
Coryn Rivera204474.382019
Jessica Allen203553.692020
Dalia Muccoli189523.642019

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