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Meriden Cross

Warwickshire Wanderer 105km Audax – 21st May 2016

An early start after sleeping on Rich’s deflating airbed saw Rich, George and I head down to Birmingham New Street to catch the train over to Hampton in Arden. Breakfast was acquired on the way (sausage and bacon rolls are excellent for cycling) and we rolled out for the short ride over to Meriden for the Warwickshire Wanderer 105km Audax. Warwickshire Wanderer I did this...

Dunwich Dynamo Start Point

The 2015 Dunwich Dynamo

Right so in the traditional Christmas style, gather round children, I have a story or two to tell… I’ve been very neglectful and haven’t been writing for awhile and eventually the guilt and haranguing from family members has meant that my last acts of 2015 will be to finally write up my Dunwich Dynamo and London to Paris experiences and enter 2016 with a clean...

Cotswold Challenge Audax Burton Dassett Climb

Audax – Cotswold Challenge 160km – 16th May 2015

The next of my training rides for the Norwich 100 at the end of May saw me complete the Cotswold Challenge Audax this weekend. I was originally planning to do another 100km one similar to the Bell Tolls one in Evesham the week before, but decided to ramp things up and complete a proper 100 miles before doing the main deal. The route left Meriden,...

Every Time a Bell Rings Audax

Audax – Every Time A Bell Rings 2015 – 112 km

Every Time a Bell Rings… 112km Audax After falling off back in January, I’ve not actually done another Audax until now. In an effort to get back on the wagon and prepare for the Norwich 100 at the end of May, it was time to do some longer rides again! The ride was planned as 112km and contained nothing too scary routewise. Audax Route The...

Sam Weller’s Day Trip to Wochma – 203km 2015 Audax

Sam Weller’s Day Trip to Wochma – 203km 2015 Audax

  Last Saturday I set off at 5am to do another 200km Audax, this time from Tewkesbury, heading westwards before going down to Chepstow, over the Severn to Malmesbury and back up to Tewkesbury and the first 2015 Audax over! I unfortunately jacked the it in after 30 miles and got on the train at Hereford after an encounter with ice. Not the best start...

Mamil Sportives, Valuable to Cycling or Menace?

Mamil Sportives, Valuable to Cycling or Menace?

The sportive sector has exploded in popularity in recent years, largely thanks to Mamils (middle aged men in lycra) taking up the sport. From a minority venture around 6-8 years ago, there is now a sportive somewhere in the country on any given weekend throughout the year. Some areas of the UK in particular are becoming heavily saturated with events, the South East and The...