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8 things we learnt from the Track World Cup in Manchester

Kristina Vogel is in really good form Kristina Vogel managed to win all three of the events that she entered, confirming her status as the world’s best track sprinter at the moment. She took gold in the Sprint, the Keirin and the Team Sprint (with Miriam Welte) events in Manchester. Seemingly always smiling, probably due to always winning, Vogel convincingly won each of the finals....

Track World Cup Manchester Preview Logo 2017

Track World Cup Manchester 2017 Preview

After treating my mum to a visit to the Track World Championships for her birthday in 2016, I’m looking forward to going to this year’s Track World Cup in Manchester. Since then I’ve also had the chance to feel a little bit of what it’s like to smash around a velodrome by doing one of the taster sessions at the Derby Velodrome. I’ve got tickets for...

Derby Velodrome

Derby Velodrome Track Cycling Taster Session

I’ve been wanting to have a play on a velodrome for awhile, especially after going to the World Championships last year. I did have some worries however. Riding a bike without brakes removes one safety net and the banking, which always looks massive when you’re not on it. When we got to Derby Velodrome and saw it for the first time, it looked huge. Having...